Mikael Silkeberg was born to Swedish parents in Copenhagen, Denmark, and came back to Sweden at age 11 and is currently living in Stockholm. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1984. He holds a degree from Biskops Arnö, The Nordic School of Photography and has been a student of the well known photographer Christer Strömholm. Mikael’s work as an established photographer covers a wide spectrum – from movie still pictures and theatre, artist portraits, landscapes, commercial assignments, and Royal assignments with H.M. Queen Silva of Sweden. He also has had several exhibitions in Stockholm and Paris and has been working with the well known (million-CD-selling) artist Emilia (music video and stills). His many travels to Turkey, The Caribbeans, United States,Canada, East and South Africa, Nepal, India and several major cities Paris, New York, Berlin,Arizona has resulted in some spectacular pictures, many of them shown in his exhibitions today.


Blue Mosque


Four generations


Ara Güler


Shoe shine


Fruit wagon






Jens Lindgren

Glen Miller Café

Get In Touch

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